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Picture of Garsons(waiters) serving drinks by Abu Simbel temple in Egypt   Picture of an average, middle-class egyptian family around dining table during a holiday   Picture of egyptian gourmet dish  of saut√© vegetables and stuffed grap-leaves
Picture of an open buffet in one egypt hotels   Picture of belley dancing entertainment during dinner time, which common entertainment in egypt while having dinner in certain restaurants   Picture of decorated fruit dish in an open buffet sitting in an egyptian hotel
Picture of the most common dish in egypt made of Fava beans and lemon slices, onions, parsely and other spices - a common breakfast dishin egypt   Picture of common egyptian breakfast dish called Falafel - made gound and spiced fava beans   Picture of common egyptian dish called "Koshary", made of lentil, rice, macaroni, fried onion and spice to taste
Picture of egyptian lamb shank dish with sauteed vegetables   Picture of outdoor egyptian restaurant in a prominent hotel in Cairo   Picture of team of chefs onboard large cruise ship sailing in the Nile
Picture of a chef serving a guset in an open buffet setup   Picture of pharos' dish made up of falafel an sesame paste   Picture of dinning room with elegant setup in an egyptian hotle
Picture of elegant and well decorated egyptian restaurant and few dishes   Picture of romantic egyptian restaurant in Cairo   Picture of a tourist having coffee at one of the Egyptian elegant coffee shops
Picture of food court in an Egyptian market while a young lady helping herself to delicious dish   Picture of grilled lamb mixed with vegatable cooked to taste   Picture of a couple having a drink before dinner by the Mediterranean sea in Egypt
Picture of sampler egyptian dishes   Picture of a famous street dish called shawarma being prepared by the cook  
Picture of a tourist having a drink before diner in and egyptian restaurant while enjoying a belly dancer entertainment   Picture of a group of tourists having candle-light dinner in and all egyptian restaurant   Picture of tourists having dinner in a first class egyptian restaurant
Picture of a group of tourists having dinner at islamic decorated style egyptian restaurant   Picture of a tourist having dinner at a Nile cruise restaurant   Picture of a group of tourists enjoying a first class dinner while watching a play
Egyptian Shots!!

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