Ancient Egyptian Jewelry.

The ancient Egyptians were brilliant innovators in the creation of jewelry. The ancient Egyptians loved ornamentation, jewelry was designed, crafted and worn with great care. Fine jewelry was valued not only for beauty but also fPicture cobrahead 18 karat gold men righ with onixor the magical and spiritual protection it provided, they didn't make a distinction between amulets, cartouche and jewelry. Minerals and metals were identified with specific deities as well as with specific spiritual and therapeutic values. Thus their words for lapis lazuli and turquoise were synonymous with joy and delight, respectively. Copper and malachite were identified with Hathor, gold connected to the solar deity.

The Egyptian artisans did not confine themselves to a limited selection of materials: a very wide variety of minerals were crafted into jewelry including amethyst, cornelian, jasper, onyx and quartz crystal. During many periods of Egyptian history, silver was valued more highly than gold, due to its relative scarcity, lapis lazuli, which held great spiritual significance was not obtained locally but imported. Egyptian artisans invented the art of the fabulous fake, ancient artisans became so adept at crafting glass bead versions of precious stones that it was difficult to distinguish authentic emeralds, pearls and tigers-eye. Some of the most known ancient Egyptians jewelry symbols are:

Scarab: The beetle scarab always symbolized rebirth and the generative forces of the rising sun. It was used as an amulet, a pendent, or as a stamp seal mounted on a ring. Large pictue of wingedscarab pendantscarabs were inscribed with texts to commemorate certain events
Scarabs were already known in the Old Kingdom, they were sacred in the Prehistoric Period and had a role in the early worship of animals.
Actual beetles were found stored in jars buried with the deceased and in graves of the 1st Dynasty. Scarabs were made in a wide variety of materials, such as gold, lapis, basalt, turquoise, colored glass, and alabaster.

Ankh: The ankh was used as an emblem and appears as one of the most powerful culturalPicture bronze_ankh pendant and religious symbols of Pharaonic Egypt, it was the symbol of life, gods and Pharaohs were often depicted as carrying ankh signs, There are thousands of representations of ankh, not only in writing or in pictures, but in the form of ankh-shaped objects, especially mirrors or mirror-cases, such as those from the tomb of Tutankhamen. Ankhs were made of various materials including gold, lapis and wood.

Cartouche:Egyptian hieroglyphic gold cartouche
The Good Luck Charm of the Ancient Egyptian civilization, it was worn only by the Pharaohs, and represented the Pharaohs' insignia. The "Magical Oval" in which the Pharaoh's first name was written was intended to protect him from evil spirits both while he lived and in the afterworld

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