Belly Dancing Corner:

Belly Dancing is an old form of Middle East entertainment. It is practiced almostin all festifal activities. In the Arabic Language is know as 'Raqs Sharqi' (Oriental Dance)Pictuer of an Egyptian prominent belly dancers dancing for Jacqueline Kennedy and her husband the wealth Greek Onassis. itwas first brought to America at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1893 by "Little Egypt". The art of belly dancing has spead throughout the entire world as a form of entertainment and physical exercise. However, there is very little written about the history of bellydancing, it remains the number one form of entertainment in wedding cermonies throughout the Middle East.

There are many bellydancing styles that is usually easier to grasp by younger girls than adlult one. It high degree of phyiscal maneuver over both tight and vast space; it is performed in small and modest living room and in laxuory ballrooms. It is peformed without musical instrument, just to humand-hand generaed rythme, or either to just one instrument or to fully-staffedPicture of belly dancing outfit  oriental band. While one requires no particular costume to bellydance, it is part of the tradition as well as the showmanship for professional bellydancers to were one. Bellydancing costumes vary in colors, styles, and compostions. In addition to the costume, a bellydance will wear thimbles for exotic tunes that rhymes with both band music and the dancer's movements. A bellydancing outfit styles range from a simple on-piece to head-to-toe pieces; and from plain one color custome to decorative and multi-color ones. They can range in price from $25 to thousands of dollars. Picture of belly dancing accessoriesBelleydancing costume and accessories include: hip scarves, coin belts, belly dancing skirts, top, veils and accessories.

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