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A caftan is long garment that is made of either cotton or silk and has either long or short sleeves. It is mostly a Middle East and African tradition and most places that experience high temperatures. It is very comfortable and provide eas of ventilationPicture of a man wearing bedouin style caftan during hot weather. It is wore by both menand women but differ in styles and colors. The word Caftan is frequently spelled asPicture of a bedouin women wearing the traditional bedouin women caftans Kaftan. Occasionally some tripes work a belt or sash around the waist.

A caftan is worn as both casual and formal outfit; when it is worn as a casual uniform it is mostly a substitude for a pijama in most Middle Eastern countries and made of cotton; when worn as a formal uniform it is compelemented with head cover and certain style and mostly made of silk. The styles of a caftan has become fashionable in last few decates. In past it the styles were simple and composed of one or two colors; nowdays, caftaPicture of casual black with design femal caftanns come in multitude of styles, patterns, embrPicture of casual white male caftanoiders and colors. Those decorative ones are mostly worn by women and centeral and south African men.

During the Ottoman Empire, caftans were worn by Sultans and were extremely complex in designs and prints. Caftans are given as gifts on numerous occasions to adult as well as children. Kaftans come in closed styles with few buttons at the top, they also come in totally un-buttone style for men to be worn over another uniform.

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