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Ancient Egyptians emphasized the use of cosmetics and perfumes. The ones in charge of their elaboration were the priests who lived near the temples and they had Picture of elegant cristal egyptian perfumen bottlestheir laboratories installed in some of their dependencies, where they elaborated ointments and the aromas that were used profusely in the religious ceremonies.

Perfume was at the centre of aesthetics and therapeutics for both men and women in Ancient Egypt. Although the techniques used are mostly unrecorded, histoPicture of assortement of Egyptian body oil bottlesrians look to the literature of Greek and Roman writers and relief paintings and artefacts to determine the production, fashions and uses of perfume in this fascinating era. Read More..

Oils and perfumes were applied in many ceremonies (the term anointing refers to application of holy oils). There were 7 holy oils (probably oils of spices): oil of Libya, oil of cedar, tuatu, nemnen, sefth, heknu, festival oil). Incense refers to plant substances that release fragrances when burned. Read More..
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Egyptians typically had and still have exotic tastes, and in addition to home grown essences, they also imported aromatics such as ladanum from Arabia and East Africa, galbanum from Persia, and the coveted frankincense due to unsuccessfulImage of an egyptian hanging perfumen bottle with chain attempts to grow it in Egyptian climes. The fact that ingredients were imported even in ancient times shows the importance of perfume. The imported varieties were expensive and initially reserved for the use of the gods or export only.

Incense was used to hide the smell of animal sacrifice during ceremonies. Balms were seen as medicinal as perfume was thought to repel demons and win the favour of the gods. Perfume was also an important part of death and burial rites. Bodies were perfumed during mummification as it was believed the soul would visit the gods and so perfume would repel demons. Interestingly, 3300 years after Tutankhamen death, scent could still be detected in his tomb. Read More..

Ancient Egyptian concerns with beauty and body care transcend their distancePicture of amber oil bottle from us. The past may sometimes seem very remote to us- oh, it's interesting all right, even intellectually stimulating, yet we often feel removed from the past, all too aware of the distance of years and history and perceptions. It is hard to envision an area where history and people come alive more than iPicture of body oil bottel with cap openn the study of ancient body care and beauty. No where is the bridge between humans more firm and sure. Egyptian concerns mirror our own. They, too, worried about weight gain and hair loss. An ancient manuscript is entitled The Beginning of the Book on How to Make the Old Young. A title like that could be a best-seller today. If we could time travel and speak to the individuals of long ago, the subject of body care would be easy common ground. Read More..

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